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ISOframe: The Reusable, Reconfigurable and Money-Saving Option

For Your Custom-Built Exhibition Stand.

Many exhibitors like to design their exhibition booth to their exact requirements and have a custom exhibition stand built at every show.  Not only can this be an expensive option but custom exhibition stands are also disposed of at the end of each show because it’s cheaper to throw it away and build another one next time you need it.

Not only can this be bad for your budget but it is also bad for the environment because everything is destroyed afterwards, rarely are any parts recycled or kept for another exhibition.  As an Exhibition Stand Contractor, that’s why Amber & Green prefer to use a combination of ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightbox for larger custom exhibition booths – not only can we create stunning booths using tension-fabric graphics that look like solid walls, but we can also save you considerable amounts of money by designing a custom exhibition booth that can be reused at many shows, not only in Singapore but also around the region.

Planning is the key to getting maximum financial and environmental benefits from using ISOframe for your custom booths – if you can plan ahead and look at the next 2 or 3 exhibitions then we can provide an exhibition stand design for you that can be reconfigured to fit all of your stand sizes.  Then all you have to do is pay for the re-installation instead of paying for brand new booth every time.

    • Both ISOframe Exhibit and ISOframe Fabric are ideal for medium / large booths
    • Both can be packed away and used again at future shows
    • Both can be reconfigured and used in different size booths
    • Both can save you money!

6m x 6m and 6m x 3m booths are no problem for ISOframe Fabric and we can give you so much more than a flat backwall!

Below is a great example from PADI, who made the switch to ISOframe from a Custom-Built booth.  On the left is their custom booth, in the middle is our visual and on the right is their ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightbox booth that they have used since 2017 in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.  A full case-study can be read here.

Design Ideas

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