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Adapt and Evolve for Years to Come

The Environmentally-Friendly Option for Larger Stands

If you exhibit at multiple exhibitions then you’ll know that in order to stand out from the crowd, you will need a specially designed stand.  A “traditional’ custom-built stand is simply thrown away after each show, making exhibiting a costly exercise whatever your budget.

ISOframe Exhibit is 100% recyclable with nothing being thrown away at the end of the exhibition, a major feature in these times where more and more companies have to demonstrate green business practices.

The Budget-Friendly Option for Larger Stands

ISOframe Exhibit gives you the opportunity to reduce your budget for future exhibitions and gives you a stunning bespoke exhibition stand that you can re-use and reconfigure, time and again.  

Planning is the key.. if you can plan ahead and look at the next 2 or 3 shows that you are going to attend, then we can design an exhibition stand for you that can be reconfigured to fit all of your stand spaces – then all you have to pay for are the re-installation costs, instead of paying for a brand-new stand every show.

ISOframe Exhibit.. Intelligent Exhibiting.


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