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GuardUp Event Protection Screens:

Designed To Help You Exhibit Safely

As Exhibitions for up to 250pax are now allowed in Singapore, and with pilot events happening with up to 1000 delegates, it’s important that Event Organisers look at what they can do to make their events as safe as possible to avoid any potential risk of COVID-19 transmission.

All exhibition and event organisers will need to implement safety measures such as temperature screening, social-distancing etc but it’s important to also look at how delegates may safely interact with each other and with exhibitors.

Our GuardUp range of Event Protection Screens provide the opportunity to do just that – speak to each other, safe in the knowledge that a safety screen is separating them, ensuring that they can’t breathe, cough or sneeze on each other. 


Table Divider

Queueing System

Hub is a 4-way hub measuring 2m wide x 2m high, with a clear pvc insert allowing delegates to see and speak to each other.  MeetUp can come equipped with tabletops if required.

Our Table Divider is a very easy way to divide up a table in to 3 or 4 placings, with 73cm high screens separating each person.

The GuardUp Queueing System is a 2m high panel which will provide a safe barrier between your delegates as they queue for registration, food, tea and coffee etc.

GuardUp Office Protection Screens 

GuardUp Office Protection Screens create a physical barrier between people in a variety of public and private workplaces at a time when responsibility for employees and customers health and well-being has never been more important.  Our screens will provide a level of safety that helps businesses to continue providing essential services during these uncertain times.

GuardUp screens are cost effective, effortless to install, easy to clean and are an excellent investment for the peace of mind of your workforce. The system is made with a lightweight durable plastic frame that is fitted with a 1mm thick see-through PVC foil that creates a high quality safety barrier between your employees and customers.

Suitable for use in a variety of customer facing environments, you can find our screens in many offices, hospitals, pharmacies, reception counters and many other business where close-contact with people is necessary

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