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ISOframe Wave

The Flexible and Modular Exhibition Stand that adapts to your space as your requirements change


ISOframe Wave stands out from all other display systems due to unrivalled flexibility.  The only flexible and modular exhibition stand that allows you to change the shape of your display at any time during set-up, giving you the freedom to build a straight wall or beautiful curves, ISOframe Wave is the intelligent choice for your Exhibition Stand.

The modular structure allows you to add on or remove panels if you need to reduce or increase the size of your display at any time, so if you book 3m x 3m, 4m x 3m and 6m x 3m booths, ISOframe Wave adapts to fit.

Add to this our large range of accessories such as LCD screens / workstations, Built-in Counters, Shelving, Display Showcases and Door Modules and ISOframe Wave becomes the perfect solution for your shell scheme booth.

Curved, straight, narrow or wide, ISOframe Wave is the only flexible, modular, reconfigurable display system that will transform your shell scheme booth.

ISOframe Wave will transform the way you exhibit.

Suitable for shell scheme or raw space exhibition booths, you can customise your exhibition stand to your exact requirements, no matter how big or small your booth space.

Watch our video to find out more:

Customise your ISOframe Wave display stand by including any of the following options:

  • Built-in Counters
  • LCD screens / Workstations
  • Shelving units and Product Display Units
  • Literature racks
  • Ceiling Headers
  • Door panels / Storage Areas

ISOframe Wave is Perfect for Shell Scheme Booths


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