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Bend It, Shape It, Any Way You Want It!

ISOframe Wave stands out from all other systems because you can change the shape of your display any time you like. 

Use it as a straight line across your backwall at one exhibition, then curve it to fit across a corner booth at the next, all using exactly the same graphics and hardware.

Curved, straight or both, it’s entirely up to you!

Add to this our large range of accessories such as LCD screens / workstations, Built-in Counters, Shelving, Display Showcases and Door Modules and ISOframe Wave becomes the perfect solution for your shell scheme booth.

Flexible & Reconfigurable

It’s great to be able to bend a small booth from straight to curved but it’s on the larger booths where this flexibility really demonstrates value-for-money.  In the photo below on the left, we’ve been able to fit a 6m wide backdrop into a 3m x 3m corner booth, just by bending it in the middle.  No additional hardware or graphics are required, you simply bend it any shape you like.

ISOframe Wave is also modular and reconfigurable – add or remove modules any time you like to create your ideal set-up.  So if you have a smaller booth space at your next exhibition, you can simply remove modules you don’t need; If you only needed one Workstation instead of two, you can either remove it entirely or replace it with other modules, it’s entirely up to you.

The options are endless!

Watch this video to find out just how ISOframe Wave can transform the way you exhibit:

An ISOframe Wave Stand Can Be Customized

ISOframe Wave is a modular exhibition system which you can customise by including the following options:

  • Built-in Counters
  • LCD screens / Workstations
  • Shelving units and Product Display Units
  • Literature racks
  • Ceiling Headers
  • Door panels / Storage Areas

Tibco Software wanted an exhibition stand that would work as a 6m backwall but could then be broken down to form a smaller unit to be used in 3m shell schemes and hotels.  The photos on the left  and in the middle show the full-size stand, where we used their F1 Grand Prix Playstation Demo Kit complete with 2 LCD screens on the left of the booth, while the photo on the right shows the smaller set up containing just the LCD Workstation module.

Tool-free Assembly in 4 Easy Steps

Although all of the ISOframe systems are easy to set up, with every part being clearly labelled and no tools being required, we know that not everyone wants to spend their valuable time setting up and taking down their exhibition stand at a show – that’s why we offer an install and dismantle service to all of our clients, in Singapore, Hong Kong and throughout the region.  You can store the stand with us, we’ll take it to the venue and set it up for you so that you just need to turn up on the morning of the show and everything will be done for you!

For more details, click here: Amber & Green Management Services

ISOframe Wave is Perfect for Shell Scheme Booths.

ISOframe Wave’s flexibility makes it the perfect choice for Shell Scheme Booths – 3m x 3m up to 6m x 3m, ISOframe Wave will transform the way you exhibit.

ISOframe Wave Design Ideas


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