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Flexible, Modular, Versatile


Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and extremely user-friendly – ISOframe Wave is the World’s first portable, modular display system that can be transformed into any shape. You can change the shape of the system to fit in your booth at every show. You can straighten it, bend it, have a mix of straight and curved, L-shaped, U-shaped, S-shaped, the possibilities are endless, all using exactly the same hardware and graphics – no extra pieces are required.

Even the most basic of ISOframe Wave systems can provide you with endless options for reconfiguring your booth:

ISOframe Wave is Ideal for Shell Scheme Stands

ISOframe Wave is the World’s leading Shell Scheme display system due to it’s unique flexibility – you can use the same stand in a 6m x 3m and a 3m x 3m corner booth – just bend it in the middle and it will fit the smaller booth! 

All of these stands pictured below have been used in shell scheme booths:

An ISOframe Wave Stand Can be Reconfigured..

The modular nature of the system allows for nearly unlimited display possibilities at each event

CIPD needed a reconfigurable exhibition stand that could fit an 8m x 3m booth, a 6m x 3m booth, and that could also be used as a free-standing backdrop.  They needed some heavy-duty Display Showcases for all of their literature, but also knew that there would be occasions when not all would be needed:

An ISOframe Wave Stand Can Evolve..

These photos show the evolution of a client’s stand over 3 years.   For the first show, they needed a simple shelving option for a 4m booth, so we used an ISOframe Wave 4-section stand with a built-in shelving unit.  

For 2015, they wanted some more substantial shelving, along with more height, so we used the ISOframe Wave Display Showcases at each end, and added an extra section to take the height up to 3m.  

In 2016, we added a small curved area to segregate the stand from their neighbours and create a semi-private seating area.


With ISOframe Wave, your stand can evolve along with your requirements.

An ISOframe Wave Stand Can Be Customized..

You can customise your exhibition stand by including the following:

  • Counters

  • LCD screens

  • Shelving units and other Product Display Units

  • Literature racks

  • Ceiling Headers

  • Door panels / Storage Areas

Tool-free Assembly in 6 Quick Steps

Although all of the ISOframe systems are easy to set up, with every part being clearly labelled and no tools being required, we know that not everyone wants to spend their valuable time setting up and taking down their exhibition stand at a show – that’s why we offer an install and dismantle service to all of our clients, in Singapore and throughout the region.  You can store the stand with us, we’ll take it to the venue and set it up for you so that you just need to turn up on the morning of the show and everything will be done for you!

For more details, click here: Amber & Green Management Services


Easy setup

Thanks to the tool-less FASTclamp connector system, no tools are required

Compact and portable

ISOframe Wave is extremely portable and easily transported by car – ideal if you are setting up the stand yourself.

ISOframe Wave.. Intelligent Exhibiting

ISOframe Wave Photos

ISOframe Wave Design Ideas