Fabric and Pull-up Banner Stands

Banner Stands have been a standard feature at Exhibitions around the world for many years but this doesn’t mean that they can’t change and evolve into a display that is striking, innovative and different from anything that has gone before.  Our BrandStand range includes the unique Brandcusi Fabric Banner which is not only a 3D Display with graphics visible through 360º, but also includes built-in shelving and literature holders to make a small, compact but extremely effective display. Combine with with a Brandcusi iPad Counter, which allows you to put your iPad into the counter top and you have a fantastic display ideal for those with smaller booths and budgets.

We also have the WaveLine Fabric Banner Stands, which give you the choice of 3 widths – 60cm, 90cm and 120cm, and 3 heights -150cm, 226cm and 295cm – and can also come with a double-sided graphic to increase your exposure.

With a pillow-case fabric graphic zipped over a lightweight aluminium framework, both our WaveLine and Brandcusi Fabric Banner Stands will always keep their shape and project a professional, modern image.

Brandstand WaveLine Fabric Banner StandWaveLine Banners

Pillow Case Fabric Graphic


WaveLine Brandcusi Banner StandBrandcusi Banners

Built-in Shelves and Lit. Holders


Pull-up Banner Stand from Amber & Green SingaporeTime Pull-up Banner

Standard Pull-up, 200cm high