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We’ve partnered with the renowned exhibition stand manufacturers ISOframe and BrandStand to bring you the most comprehensive range of portable, flexible and modular Exhibition Stand Display Systems currently available in Singapore.

We have modern alternatives to standard pop-up frames such as our ISOframe Ripple and ISOframe Wave, which are both flexible systems that can change shape every time you exhibit, so you can decide whether to use it as a straight or curved backdrop at each show.

We have a wide range of Tension-Fabric Backdrops for you, dominated by the impressive WaveLine Media systems from BrandStand, which give you an amazing 18 different size options to choose from.  Add in more variations such as the MonoLith, Merchandiser and ISOframe Fabric and we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the exact fabric backdrop that you’re looking for.

Our Lightboxes include Edge-Lit and fully Back-Lit models with an impressive range of matching back-lit counters to finish off your booth.

Our services and support don’t stop when you’ve purchased your booth – we can help you with Storage and Installation of your booth at every exhibition you attend.

We’re here to make exhibiting as easy as possible.

ISOframe Ripple by Mark Bric Display

The flexible and portable alternative to pop-up frames

The modular, flexible display system that adapts to different sized Shell Scheme booths

We don't need to spell it out but we have the widest range of Tension-Fabric Backdrops

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Reusable Custom Exhibition Stands
Replace your Custom Booth with Reusable & Reconfigurable ISOframe Fabric & ISOframe Lightbox
Disposable Custom Booth
Reusable ISOframe Booth

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