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ISOframe Ripple Portable Display Stand

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Introducing ISOframe – A Family of Portable, Flexible

and Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands.


Exhibitors have relied on traditional Pop Up Frames and Fabric Backdrops for many years but now need much more from their exhibition stands.  Now more than ever, Exhibitors need increased value-for-money and flexibility from their booth.


Our ISOframe range of exhibition stands will transform the way you exhibit.

ISOframe Ripple and ISOframe Wave are stunning alternatives to pop-up frames and will take your booth to another level.

Both are flexible so you can change the shape at any time, while they also offer built-in LCD Screens, workstations, shelving and product displays.

ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightbox are high quality, tension-fabric displays that not only look stunning in shell scheme booths but can also be money-saving alternatives to disposable, one-time-use custom booths on raw space stands.

If your exhibition stand can benefit from any of the features shown below then it’s time to make the switch to ISOframe, the most advanced range of exhibition stands available in Singapore.

  • Flexible, change from curved to straight
  • Modular, add or remove sections
  • Reconfigurable, change the layout
  • Customise to match your requirements
  • Attach LCD screens, counters and product displays
  • Easy to set-up and install
  • Covered by a 10yr Warranty
  • Available for rental and purchase

ISOframe is Intelligent Exhibiting – It’s Time To Make The Switch To ISOframe.


All ISOframe structures are covered by a 10-year Warranty.