Portable Counters
Compact, Lightweight and Modular
Portable Counter Portable Counter Portable Counter Portable Counter Portable Counter

We have a wide range of portable counters ready for you.  Our range of BrandStand portable counters lets you choose from counters of all shapes and sizes – square, rectangular, oval, and from 60cm wide up to 6m wide – so whether you need just a small reception counter to greet visitors to your booth, or something wider to display your range of products, the solution is here.

All of our BrandStand Counters use fabric graphics, and some of them use backlit graphics to really make your counter stand out.  Five of them – Casonara, WaveLight Air, InfoDesks, WaveLine and Brandcusi – all have their own associated backdrops to help add brand-consistency to your booth.

The Stand-Out options here must be the Casonara and InfoDesk Counters.  The Casonara can be up to 3m wide and is backlit on all 4 sides, giving you a stunning addition to your booth, while the InfoDesk’s fabric graphics are cleverly designed to allow you access to internal storage – a zip-pocket in the graphic means you can easily open it up and store items on the internal shelf.We should also mention the inflatable and back-lit WaveLight Air, which although it doesn’t have internal storage, does inflate very quickly, making your pre-event set up even easier!

Our ISOframe Counters come with standard rollable graphics but are all open at the back to provide easy access to internal shelving for your brochures and giveaways, and they all flat-pack down into carry bags for transportation.

ISOframe Counters

With Internal Shelving

Brandcusi Counters

Oval Counters

Portable Counter from BrandStand and Amber & Green.

Casonara Counters

Counters Backlit on all sides

Brandstand WaveLine Portable Counter

WaveLine Counters

Various Heights

WaveLight Air Inflatable Backlit Portable Counter

WaveLight Air Counters

Inflatable, Backlit Counters

Shipping Cases

Convert to a Counter

WaveLine InfoDesks

With Internal Shelving