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Quality Pop-up Frames

A Blend of Strength, Stability and Flexibility

We offer you 3 different types of pop-up frames – you’ll be familiar with two of them, the standard ‘Spider’ pop-up and Fabric pop-up frames, but we think you’ll be blown away by our flexible ISOframe Ripple display system.  That’s right, we said flexible!

But first, the Classic pop-up is a straight-forward, traditional pop-up system. Packing away into a hard case with 3 front panels and 2 end panels, the Classic is also available in an eye-catching S-shape and double-sided as well.

BrandStand are famous for their expertise in the design and manufacture of Fabric Exhibition Stands and their OneFabric pop-up frames are some of the highest quality Fabric Pop-up Frames around, both straight and curved frames are available.

But ISOframe Ripple is literally the most flexible pop-up system available on the market, allowing you to set it up straight or curved any time you like – you can decide at every show!  This means unrivalled flexibility for you – our 5-panel Ripple, at 4mW, can be set up as a straight backwall at one show, then flexed across the corner of your shell scheme booth at the next, all using the exact same hardware and graphic panels.  Take a look here for more details: ISOframe Ripple.

Mark Bric SnapUp Pop up Frame


Classic 3×3 Curved

Mark Bric SnapUp Pop up Frame


Classic 4×3 Curved


ISOframe Ripple 3-panel


ISOframe Ripple 5-Panel

Onefabric pop up frames

OneFabric 3×3 Straight

Onefabric pop up frames

OneFabric 4×3 Straight

Brandstand OneFabric Curved Pop-up FrameOneFabric 3×3 Curved

Onefabric pop up frames

OneFabric 4×3 Curved

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Want a Stunning Alternative to a Pop-up Frame?


For a stunning alternative to traditional Pop-up Frames, take a look at our ISOframe Wave Display System – modular and reconfigurable, with options for built-in workstations with TV screens, you can transform your shell scheme booth.  Available for Rental and purchase, take a look and be surprised – ISOframe Wave


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