ISOframe Ripple: 3-Panel

  • Flexible alternative to pop-up frames
  • Size: 2.4mW x 2.1mH

ISOframe Ripple is the ultimate portable display stand, a revolutionary, flexible alternative to using a traditional pop-up frame display.

This 2.4m wide Ripple is an ideal fit for 3m x 3m shell schemes and can be placed either along the wall or across the corner of the booth.

The Ripple’s unique flexible design lets you change the shape of your display stand to suit your needs.  Use it in a straight line at one exhibition, curve it to fit across your corner booth at the next; set it up straight or curved – it’s up to you, each and every time.

The Ripple’s modular design means you can enlarge or reduce the size of your display stand whenever you need to fill a bigger booth.  Turn your 3-panel / 2.4m wide Ripple into a 5-panel / 4m wide display, your 5-panel into a 7-panel / 5.6m wide display – you can go as wide as you like in increments of 1.6m, so whatever booth space you book, you can adapt your ISOframe Ripple to fit.

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