ISOframe Ripple by Mark Bric Display

The flexible and portable alternative to pop-up frames

ISOframe Ripple by Mark Bric Display

A flexible and portable alternative to pop-ups

When Simplicity, Flexibility and Value-for-Money are Essential

ISOframe Ripple is the ultimate portable display stand, a revolutionary, flexible alternative to using a traditional pop-up frame display.  So how is it different from a pop-up frame?

  • The Ripple is flexible so you can change the shape at any time.
  • The Ripple is modular so you can increase or decrease the width to fit your booth at any time.
  • The Ripple’ is approximately 8kgs lighter when packed in the case.
  • The Ripple only needs 3 panels so it’s cheaper to print new sets of graphics.


The Ripple’s modular design means you can enlarge or reduce the size of your exhibition stand whenever you need to fill a bigger booth.

Turn your 3-panel / 2.4m wide Ripple into a 5-panel / 4m wide display, your 5-panel into a 7-panel / 5.6m wide display – you can go as wide as you like in increments of 1.6m, so whatever booth space you book, you can adapt your Ripple to fit.

ISOframe Ripple Portable Exhibition Stand

The Ripple’s flexibility allows you to set it up in any shape you like.  Every 2nd panel can be flexed so you can set up in a straight line, in a curve or in a wave and you can reconfigure it at each and every exhibition if you like.

You can easily add panels to create a larger backdrop:

Ripple Kits

The most popular size Ripples are 3, 5 and 7 panels wide as these sizes are ideal for using in 3m x 3m and 6m x 6m shell scheme booths.  More detailed specifications can be seen by clicking on the images below but remember that the Ripple is a modular system so you can keep adding panels and make it as wide as you like.  Please contact us if you need a 7m, 9m or even wider backdrop.

ISOframe Ripple

Ripple 3-Panel

2.4m Wide Flexible Backdrop


ISOframe Ripple Portable Exhibition Stand

Ripple 5-Panel

4m Wide Flexible Backdrop


Ripple 7-Panel

5.6m Wide Flexible Backdrop




  • ISOframe Ripple 3-Panel
  • ISOframe Ripple 5-Panel
  • ISOframe Ripple 7-Panel

ISOframe is Intelligent Exhibiting.