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Lightboxes can transform your Exhibition Stand like no other design option.  A well-designed, well-lit graphic is guaranteed to draw attention to your booth so we’ve partnered with one of the undisputed experts in the design and manufacture of back-lit displays – BrandStand – to make the very best systems available to you here in Singapore.

BrandStand DownUnder are known throughout the USA, Europe and Australasia for their innovative tension-fabric and backlit display systems.  No other company could provide us with 6 different types of Lightboxes.  They’ve come up with Edge-lit, Back-lit, Inflatable, Ultra-Thin, Banner Stand-size and Tower options for you to choose from, all of them displaying different characteristics to ensure that we can provide you with the most suitable option to match your needs.

The WaveLight Air Wall stands out for us – this is an inflatable system where the inner-core inflates to create a solid, sturdy display, and can be inflated in less than 1 minute, making your pre-event set up as quick and easy as possible.

Some of the systems shown below also have similar style back-lit counters to ensure a consistent look and feel to your booth.

If you’re in any doubt about which is right for you, speak to us and we’ll help you!

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Lightboxes - a stunning range from BrandStand, now in Singapore

Infinity DNA Pro

Edge-Lit Graphics


ISOframe Lightbox Exhibition Stand

ISOframe Lightbox

Highest Quality Lightbox


Casonara Towers

Backlit Towers


Lightboxes - a stunning range from BrandStand, now in Singapore


Fully Backlit Fabric Graphics


WaveLight Display




Lightboxes - a stunning range from BrandStand, now in Singapore

WaveLight Air

Inflatable & Backlit


WaveLight Infinity Lightbox Banner Stand

Infinity Lightbox Banners

All 950mm wide, various heights