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Exhibition Stand Rental

Choose from our wide selection of ISOframe rental packages.

We’ve put together a variety of ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Wave configurations that are available for rent, that include features such as workstations, shelving displays, display showcases.. any combination is possible so if you don’t see a package below that suits your needs, let us know and we can put together a tailor-made rental package for you.

Our ISOframe systems can easily be customised so we can offer you exciting and innovative designs for your booth rental. 

Here’s some examples of ISOframe Stands that have all been rented:

ISOframe Fabric Rental

We also have standard backdrops available for rental.  When you book a shell scheme stand, the organisers will offer you full-length graphic panels to clad your stand, costing up to $300.00 per panel and at the end of the show, they will just be thrown away.  If you do the same again at the next show, that’s another $900 or $1800 depending on the size of your stand.  

So why not plan ahead and rent our ISOframe Fabric system?  Once you’ve paid for the fabric graphic at your 1st event, you only have minimal costs at the next event and you will have saved yourself money!  

You can rent ISOframe Fabric systems for a 3m backwall, a 3m corner booth, and even 6m x 3m stands. 

(Please note that we need 2-3 weeks lead-time for production of our high-quality tension-fabric graphic panels.)

ISOframe Wave Rental

If you want to rent more than a graphic backdrop for your exhibition stand, then ISOframe Wave will have the solution for you.  Choose from a range of built-in counters, LCD screens, shelving and product displays, as shown in the suggested layouts below for a 3m x 3m stand and a 6m x 3m stand.

ISOframe Wave 6m x 3m Rental

All of these packages are suitable for 6m x 3m exhibition stands.

Design ideas

If you don’t see a package above that suits your needs, take a look through these photos and let us know how you’d like to customise your rental stand.