Graphic Leadtimes


For our BrandStand / WaveLine Fabric and Lightbox systems, we’re confident that we can get your backdrop delivered to you much faster than anyone else in Singapore.  Almost all of the fabric graphics required in Singapore are printed abroad and other suppliers purchase from general manufacturers who maybe aren’t specialists.

However BrandStand, our partners, have made significant investment in their infrastructure and have set up their 100%-owned printing and manufacturing facility in Guangzhou and prints fabric graphics 24hrs a day for their clients in USA, Europe and Asia.

So what does this mean for our leadtimes?  It means that if your print-ready artwork is approved by lunchtime, it will be printed and ready to ship out later that evening and will arrive with us within 2-4 days business days.  We then pre-build your frame to make sure everything is 100% correct and then arrange delivery to your offices.

Our ISOframe Fabric and Lightbox graphic panels are printed in Sweden and we need a little bit longer to prepare these high graphics and require at least two weeks’ leadtime.

Our inkjet panels for ISOframe Ripple, ISOframe Wave and Pop-up frames are printed here in Singapore and depending on the quantity of panels in your order, can usually be ready within 3-5 days of receiving the print-ready artwork.