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A Sophisticated, High Quality, Crease-Free Fabric Display Stand


Anyone who’s seen more than a few exhibition stands knows that there is just something very special about using fabric graphics.  Seamless, tension-fabric displays look sophisticated and alluring.  

We’ve combined state-of-the-art printing, an elegantly engineered framework and silicone-edged fabric graphics to create some stunning trade show displays.

An ISOframe Fabric Display Stand will give you a high quality, crease-free, custom-built look to your shell scheme backdrop.

What also sets ISOframe Fabric apart from the competition is the ability connect frames together to form L-shaped or U-Shaped booths to fit inside a shell scheme booth.

Also coming with a 10 year warranty (frame structure only), ISOframe Fabric really is Intelligent Exhibiting.


It’s Time To Make The Switch To ISOframe

ISOframe Fabric is our lightest, most portable display system.

 – Tension-Fabric, crease-free graphic panels
 – Create long, seamless backwalls
 – Attach up to 50″ LCD Screens
 – 10 year Warranty (frame hardware only)

ISOframe Fabric Can Replace Your Custom Booth

ISOframe Fabric is the money-saving, environmentally-friendly alternative option for larger custom-built booths – not only can we create stunning custom-looking booths but we can also save you considerable amounts of money by designing a booth that can be re-used at many shows, not only in Singapore but also around the region.

Planning is the key to maximising your savings from using ISOframe for your larger booths – if you can plan ahead and look at the next 2 or 3 exhibitions then we can design an exhibition stand for you that can be reconfigured and used at all of your exhibitions. 

6m x 6m and 6m x 3m booths are no problem for ISOframe Fabric

Below is a great example from PADI, who made the switch to ISOframe from a Custom-Built booth.  On the left is their custom booth, in the middle is our visual and on the right is their ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightbox booth that they have used since 2017 in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

While these visuals give a further example of how ISOframe Fabric can replace a custom-built exhibition stand:

The 4 layouts below show how ISOframe Fabric is modular and reconfigurable, and can be adapted to suit your requirements at each exhibition:

ISOframe Fabric Display Stand Ideas

If you need a Backlit Fabric Display Stand, take a look at our ISOframe Lightbox.


Contact Us now to see how ISOframe Fabric can transform your Exhibition Booth.