ISOframe Wave Kit 1

  • 3mW x 2.27mH
  • Ideal for 3m x 3m Booth
  • With LCD Screen & Workstation

ISOframe Wave Kit 1 is our most popular ISOframe Wave layout because it is the perfect fit for a 3m wide shell scheme booth.  The display measures 3.2m wide in a straight line but by bending the graphic panels, we create a curved backdrop to fit in the booth.

The built-in counter shown measures 80cm wide x 50cm deep, so there is plenty of space for a laptop, which can connect to the LCD screen above to create a perfect workstation to either show delegates your product demo or video.  The Workstation can be placed anywhere in the backdrop.

Different accessories are available – you can choose from different shaped built-in counters, add in shelving modules and attach brochure holders.

ISOframe Wave’s flexibility and modularity make this the ideal option – if you book a smaller booth, then bend the panels in to a deeper curve; if you book a wider booth, you can purchase (or rent) additional modules to fill the space.

With a 10yr warranty on the ISOframe Wave structure, you can plan ahead with confidence, knowing that you can adapt your ISOframe Wave system to fit any size and shape exhibition booth.

Kit Includes

  • (1) ISOframe Wave 4-Module Booth
  • (1) Built-in Rectangular Counter, 800mm x 500mm
  • (1) LCD Monitor Bracket to hold 32″ / 40″ LCD Screen
  • (4) LED Spotlights
  • (5) Printing of Inkjet Graphic Panels

Optional Extras

  • Customise to suit your requirements:
    • Different shaped Built-in Counters
    • Shelving Modules
    • Display Showcase
    • Brochure Holders
    • Contact us and we will design a layout to match your requirements
  • Storage, Installation and Dismantle service is available


  • Display Size: 3200mmW x 2270mmH (in a straight line, bends to fit in 3m wide booth
  • Weights and Dimensions for Transport:
    • Hardware bag on wheels:
      • 1mL x 30cmW x 25cmD, approx 20kgs
    • Graphics Tube:
      • 90cm x 30cm Diameter, approx 12kgs
    • Counter:
      • 85cmL x 60cmH x 15cmD, approx 18kgs

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