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SnapUp Pop Up Frames

Quality Pop Up Frames from Mark Bric Display


SnapUp Classic Pop-up Frame

SnapUp Classic is a straight-forward, traditional pop-up system. Choose between many different sizes and shapes, “Classic” is also available in an eye-catching S-shape, and if desired, it can be for double-sided use as well.

SnapUp Elegance Pop-up Frame

Our top-of-the line Elegance pop-up booth is self-locking and cross braced, which means that the graphics will always hang perfectly, despite the frequent challenge of uneven floors.

Whichever SnapUp Pop Up Frame you choose, you’ll receive peace-of-mind and reassurance with a 10yr warranty on the frame structure, showing what high-quality display stands these are.
Fabric Pop Up Frame

SnapUp Stretch Fabric Pop-up Frame

The SnapUp Stretch Fabric Pop-up Frame offers the quickest and easiest way to set up and display a seamless large format graphic image.  The graphic image is printed on a stretch fabric material and then attached to the system using Velcro.  Once the frame has been set up, the fabric is stretched out and a smooth surface is achieved.

The SnapUp Stretch doesn’t use the metal channel bars or heavy graphic panels that a standard pop-up frame uses, so it’s much lighter, less bulky and therefore much cheaper to transport around the region.  A Stretch Pop-up Frame and fabric graphic panel will weigh less than 15kgs.

The fabric graphic panel remains attached to the frame when it’s not in use, making it the easiest frame to set up.


A Perfect Blend of Strength and Stability

Our cross-braced pop-up frame provides strength and stability without compromising speed of set-up.

Watch our video to find out more:

Pop-up Frame Design Ideas

Want a Stunning Alternative to a Pop-up Frame?


For Flexible, Modular and Cost-Saving alternatives to traditional Pop-up Frames, take a look at our ISOframe Ripple and ISOframe Wave Display Systems.  Both systems are a significant upgrade on Pop-up frames, allowing you to change the shape any time you like, attach up to 40″ LCD screens and built in counters.  Take a look and be surprised!